Prepare for absolute amazement when you meet the named humpback whales of Stellwagen Bank.

We think you will like learning about whales who were given names and have interesting personalities.

I am often asked “Dan – who are your favorite humpback whales”?  One or all of these will become your favorite too…Colt, Thorn, Salt, Mars & Sockeye.

Need help picking a favorite humpback whale?  Go to our whale personality page.


Big news in 2016

Salt has returned from the Caribbean with a new calf again!  That is 14 calves for her, more than any other known humpback.

Salt’s grand-calf named Etch-A-Sketch has been sighted with her second calf and three other daughters of Salt returned with calves as well. Salt is the most famous Great-Grandmother!


What is the importance of each whale?
Each and every whale has a unique history, just like you do.  They have family members, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters children and grandchildren.  This website is dedicated to sharing this new view of whales with everyday people.  People who can help the whales stay safe in their ocean home, safe from the things that might harm them.  Whalers, entanglement in nets and being hit by boats.
Please look around this site and take a few minutes to meet some extraordinary whales with names.  The pages for whales with names will have pictures, stories, background information and video clips of their behaviors, especially behaviors unique to a single individual.
It is our goal to get you thinking about whales as individuals, not as a species.  Each individual whale is deserving of special protections.
Why is this important?  Eight to ten humpback whales are killed by whaling nations each year.  Japan has announced its intentions to add 50 humpback whales to its whaling operations.
After meeting these wonderful whales, we think you will agree that none should ever be killed.
We support the efforts of Cetacean Society International in their four decade fight to protect humpbacks and all of the species of whales, from the smallest (Harbor Porpoise) to the largest (Blue Whale).
If you would like to help them protect whales too, follow this link.


If you would like to learn more and meet 15 whale families, consider purchasing Salt & Friends, our extraordinary DVD.



Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names is our Telly-award winning documentary (suitable for all ages) that tells the story of how whales are named.  Your journey begins in Provincetown, MA in 1975 when whales were known as a species, not as individuals.  You will meet 50 humpback whales by name, members of 15 different family trees.  Every humpback is unique and this view of whales has not been presented by any other media company.


Whales on Salt & Friends: Salt, Pepper, Rocker, Olympia, Sockeye, Fringe, Churchill, Cats Paw, Ember, Coral, Regulus, Arrow, Colt, Nurse and Silver.