Bat the Humpback Whale

Her Story

bat the humpback whaleBat was named for the black central part of her fluke that is shaped like a bat.  Bat is a large mature female first identified in 1979. Bat was last sighted in 2012. Bat has been sighted in the Gulf of Maine and off the coast of Puerto Rico.






bat the humpback whale with calf jaggerAt left is Bat blowing while Jagger dives.  Jagger was named after Mick Jagger the singer.  Jagger’s dorsal fin is shaped like a set of lips that remind some researchers of the rock star, Mick Jagger.  Only a few humpback whales have been named after people.  Churchill and Agassiz are two others.






bat the humpback flippering

Bat raises her flipper to slap the water, this behavior is called flippering.

Bat‘s Family Tree


Year of Birth


Jagger 1990
Claddagh 1997
Unnamed 2004
Unnamed 2008