Batik the Humpback Whale

Her Story


batik the humpback whale
Batik swims close

Batik is the second-generation in a very famous and scientifically important whale family.  Batik was born in 1983 to a well-known female named Veil.  Batik’s first calf, Filament was born in 1989.  Filament’s first calf named Eden (born 2001) is the first identified fourth-generation humpback whale in the world.  So Eden made Batik a grandmother and Veil the first known great-grandmother!

batik the humpback and canyon
Batik with Canyon

Batik’s first two calves, Filament and Canyon share a not-so-good experience.  Both young whales were struck by boats in 1991, however the injuries were minor and both whales are fine.  Look closely at Canyon’s back  and you will see the scars.  Canyon is the whale at the top of the picture and Batik is seen blowing.

Batik‘s History

Mother:               Veil First Sighting:   1983
Year Of Birth:   1983 Last Seen:           1996

Batik’s Family Tree


Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Filament 1989 Eden 2001 (Filament)
Canyon 1991