Coral the Humpback Whale

Coral can be adopted and you will meet him on the included DVD (30 min)

 His Story

coral the humpback whale
Coral’s fluke with teeth marks showing


Coral was born in 1988 and we were very fortunate to actually videotape Coral many times as a calf with his mother, Silver.

Coral was named for the marks on his fluke that look somewhat like coral heads.  These marks were caused by killer whale teeth.


coral the humpback whale
Coral (left) and his Mom – Silver (right) flippering. Coral (as a young calf) flippering with Silver.  Coral has the short flippers.


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Coral’s story (and his mother Silver) is also on

Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names


(Salt & Friends is 60 minutes in length with 58 minutes of whale footage.)

Price: DVD – $18.99


Coral‘s History

Mother:               Silver First Sighting:   1988
Year Of Birth:   1988 Last Seen:           2017

Pictures of Coral (from his DVD)

Coral’s tail pattern is a beautiful white with thick, black marks.  Look closely and you can see several places where killer whales grabbed him by the tail.

coral the humpback whale
Coral’s tail with teeth marks

Coral is very dramatic while feeding and sometimes seems to use the boat’s sides to trap fish.  Coral has many white scars near his blowholes that help you identify him.

coral the humpback whale
Coral feeding with baleen visable
coral the humpback whale feeding with open mouth
Coral lunging for fish
coral the humpback whale feeding
Coral feeding under the bow
coral the humpback whale feeding
Coral’s baleen

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If you adopted Coral from any of the Adopt A Whale Programs in the US or UK, you can meet him!

You will be delighted to spend 30 minutes with Coral close to the boat. You can see Coral’sbelly pleats while he is flippering. Coral is seen tail breaching, spinning head breaching and lobtailing. Coral shows his playfulness when he finds a patch of seaweed to push around.

Please enjoy this introduction to Coral from the Your Adopted Whale Coral DVD


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