Crystal the Humpback Whale

His Story

crystal the humpback whale
Crystal’s fluke is visable when lobtailing

Crystal was born in 1980 to Salt, the most famous humpback whale in the world.  You can read more about Salt and Crystal’s many brothers and sisters by clicking on Salt’s name or scroll to the bottom for the family tree.

You can actually meet Salt, Crystal and 48 other named humpback whales on the DVD “Salt & Friends“.

Crystal was named by Capt Avellar who was wise enough in the early days of whale watching to recognize that humpbacks were unique and easily identified as individuals.

He named the first two humpback whales, Salt and Pepper because Salt’s dorsal was primarily white and Pepper’s dorsal was all black.  Thereafter, Capt Avellar was given the distinguished honor of naming all of Salt’s calves.

Crystal’s tail pattern has remained the same since he was a calf.

Lobtailing is the term for a humpback whale slamming his tail on the water.

Crystal‘s History

Mother:               Salt First Sighting:   1980
Year Of Birth:   1980 Last Seen:           2012

Crystal’s Family Tree (Note: This is his mother’s family tree)

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Crystal 1980
Halos 1983
Thalassa 1985 Skeeter 1992 (Thalassa)
Brine 1987 Etch-a-Sketch 1998 (Thalassa)
Bittern 1989 Shishkabob 2001 (Thalassa)
Salsa 1991 Yosemite 2003 (Thalassa)
Tabasco 1998 Divingboard 2005 (Thalassa)
Mostaza 2000 Flyingfish 2007 (Thalassa)
Wasabi 2003 Unnamed Calf 2008 (Mostaza)
Soya 2006 Unnamed Calf 2009 (Thalassa)
Sanchal 2008 Unnamed Calf 2011 (Mostaza)
Zelle 2010 Unnamed Calf 2012 (Thalassa)

Please enjoy this introduction to Crystal from the Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names DVD

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Pictures of Crystal (from his DVD)

Salt is well known for bringing all of her calves up to whale watching boats and she even did this with her first-born.  Although Crystal is a mature male at the age of 32, he still enjoys these brief encounters.

crystal the humpback whale
Crystal gets really close

Crystal’s favorite activity (other than eating) seems to be lobtailing which is simply slamming his tail or fluke onto the ocean’s surface.  He may do this for many reasons including: communication, to dislodge barnacles or merely because it is fun!

crystal the humpback whale
Crystal lobtailing

Crystal’s Fluke while lobtailing












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