Falco the Humpback Whale

Her Story

falco the humpback whale fluke
Falco’s black fluke

Falco is easily one of the largest humpback whales on Stellwagen Bank.  She is over 50 feet in length and looks noticeably larger than the other large females.  Because her tail is mostly black, a very good detailed photo is needed to positively identify her.  We also look for a very pointed dorsal fin.  First seen in 1976 and last seen in 1995 her mother and year of birth are unknown.

falco the humpback plays in seaweed
Falco in middle of seaweed, Ozone tail in front of her

Ozone may be Falco’s most entertaining calf.  One day in 1990, Falco and Ozone were traveling near some seaweed.  Ozone swam over and started playing with it.  Falco joined in the fun.  You can just see Ozone’s tail, but Falco is right in the middle of the seaweed.








Falco’s Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Epaulet 1980 Mesa 1993 (Owl)
Spear 1984 Jib 1998 (Owl)
Owl 1986 Unnamed 2001 (Owl)
Vireo 1988 Unnamed 2003 (Owl)
Ozone 1990
Rhyzome 1992
Ameboa 1995


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21 minutes of footage of Falco and Ozone.  You see mother and calf playing with a patch of seaweed.  I wonder if it tickles their skin?  You see Ozone very close to the boat, Falco’s tail and blowholes as well as a scene where we believe Ozone was nursing!


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