Fringe the Humpback Whale

Her Story

fringe the humpback whale
Fringe’s fluke is 14 feet wide

Fringe is a fantastic mother.  She has more calves than all the other whales except one, Istar.  Every two or three years she brings a new calf back to the same feeding grounds she has frequented since 1979.  She was named for the black fringe that borders her entire fluke.  I think Fringe will continue to come back to this same area with even more calves in future years.  Her family tree is below.

Fringe is just one of the stars on Salt & Friends

Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names

The story of Fringe and her family is four minutes in length.  You will meet eight of her ten calves (Tassel, Sirius, Thread, Tornado, Brittlestar, Molar, Fiber and Freestyle).

You also meet three of Fringe’s grandcalves by Tornado.

Highlights of this segment include Freestyle standing on his head, breaching and lobtailing with his mother, Tornado close to the boat, Sirius with his black flippers and Tassel on a close approach, doing a headstand and coming up out of the water tail first!



  Fringe is an adoption whale at Ocean Alliance

Fringe‘s History

Mother:               Unknown First Sighting:   1979
Year Of Birth:   Unknown Last Seen:           2004

Fringe‘s Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Tassel 1979
Sirius 1982
Thread 1984
Paris 1986
Tornado 1988 Parallel 1995 (Tornado)
Brittlestar 1990 Mas Menos 1998 (Tornado)
Molar 1993 Beanie 2000 (Tornado)
Fiber 1997 Unnamed 2003 (Tornado)
Freestyle 1999 Samurai 2006 (Tornado)
Unnamed 2003 Unnamed 2008 (Tornado)

Pictures of Fringe from her DVD

fringe and silver humpback whales
Fringe (left) and Silver with open mouths
fringe the humpback with tornado diving
Friinge and her calf Tornado (under her tail) diving
fringe and calf freestyle humpback whales breach
Fringe and calf Freestyle breaching


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If you adopted Fringe from any of the Adopt A Whale Programs in the US or UK, you can meet her!

We selected the very best clips of Fringe from 17,096 trips to the feeding grounds where this whale can be sighted from April thru October.

You will be delighted to spend 20 minutes with Fringe feeding very close with Silver.  The feeding is very close to the boat at times. Both large mature females have calves with them too.

A sample clip from the Fringe DVD

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