Whale & Ocean Life Lectures

Retirement Homes, Schools, Libraries and Clubs

Introduce your residents, members and visitors to whales with names, unique personalities and an interest in humans!

They’ll be talking about these sessions for days and weeks after we leave.

Six unique, informative and entertaining sessions by a Google Ocean Consultant and creator of the world’s largest video archive of marine life.


The Friendliest Whales in the World

Humpbacks are the most personable of all the whale species. They are the species most often approaching boats and staying close seemingly showing an interest in not only boats but the people leaning over the railing.

You will meet the humpback whales who show the most interest by becoming the most active, making the most noise and displaying the most diversified behaviors. Meet named humpbacks including Salt (a great-grandmother),  Colt (the friendliest whale in the world) and Thorn, whose talents blowing  bubbles are beyond belief.  Thread is introduced in this lecture as the humpback most interested in hurling his 40 foot body out of the water within just a few feet from the astonished whale watchers.


Humpback Whales – 50 Tons of Fun

Humpbacks are the most acrobatic and personable of all the whale species. Easily identified by the  fingerprint-like patterns on their tails, the individual personalities of  each named humpback whale thrill people and make them fans for life.

You will meet more than a dozen  named humpbacks including Salt (a great-grandmother), Olympia (another great-grandmother),  Colt (the friendliest whale in the world) and Thorn, whose talents blowing  bubbles are beyond belief.

Whale watchers world-wide are  thrilled to see very active humpbacks and we share our best video clips of  breaching, feeding and other common and extremely rare behaviors.


Whales: Meet the Great Ones

Now that you learned about humpback whales, you are ready to meet many of the other species of baleen whales and the toothed whales. This session includes underwater footage of three species set to beautiful music.

Let’s Go Whale Watching

Everyone takes a virtual whale-watching trip departing from Provincetown, MA.  Provincetown was the first landing place for the pilgrims and one of the top ten areas in the world for whale watching.  A brief history of the pilgrim’s few weeks on Cape Cod will fascinate your residents. They wrote in their journals about the whales in the Bay.


Then we’ll leave the harbor and you will meet many species of whales and dolphins, 30 foot long sharks, pelagic birds (sea birds),  seals, blue fin tuna and an ocean sunfish that weighs 800 pounds.

Beyond Belief: The Humpback Whale

Believe it or not but we introduce whales as artists, dancers, entertainers, acrobats and even one magician!

More Whales and Tales

Interesting stories from twenty years on the oceans documenting the behaviors of all the marine life we encountered.  We also share the video of all the incredible sea life encountered.



About  the Sessions

A series of 35-40 minute multimedia lectures designed to bring the world  of whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, fish and pelagic birds into your  facility. We educate and entertain  your residents, members or visitors by sharing the most extraordinary video clips of whales and other marine life right next to the boats!  Question and answer period follows the presentation.

What equipment is required?

All you need to provide is a room, an HD-TV or movie screen and a microphone.

What will it cost? (Prices quoted for small groups)

School assemblies or classes by grade – call 717-763-9507 for fee information


Within 30 minutes of Harrisburg, PA each session is $125

30-60 minutes from Harrisburg, PA each session is $150

60-90 minutes from Harrisburg, PA each session is  $175

More than 90 minutes drive – call or email for a price.

Daniel Knaub leads all presentations.

Founder and President of The Whale Video Company

Executive Director of Whale and Marine Life Video Archives

Google Earth/Google Ocean Contributor

Past-President of Cetacean Society International

Mr. Knaub, a frequent lecturer, producer, archivist, writer and documentarian provides a unique educational and conservationist message.  Knaub is well-qualified to present this topic as he is responsible for  gathering and documenting sightings in what is known to be the world’s largest video archives of whale and dolphin behaviors.


Contact Dan by phone or email to learn of open dates.

Email:      danknaub@comcast.net

For detailed information or to schedule a presentation call (717) 763-9507