Mars the Humpback Whale

Mars can be adopted and you will meet her on the included DVD

 Mars’ Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Felis 1982
Seal 1984
Excalibur 1985
Nile 1987 Amazon 1998 (Nile)
Mesopotamia 1990 Aswan 2000 (Nile)
Putter 1993
Valentine 1997
Unnamed 2004
Unnamed 2009
Unnamed 2012

Her Story

mars the humpback whale with scratch
Mars has scars on the fluke just left of center

Mars is a female humpback whale who spends spring, summer and fall feeding in the waters of Stellwagen Bank within miles of Cape Cod shores.

Mars was named after the Roman Goddess of War because she looks as if she was in a battle.  Her tail pattern is unique and very scarred from what looks like net entanglements. 

This is most noticed on the left side close to the middle of her tail.  The whale with her in this photo is well known: Scratch.

Mars is famous for coming up to boats and blowing directly on people.


Mars was first sighted in 1979 and was seen for many of the years through 2012.


mars the humpback whale blows
Mars blew close and formed a rainbow
mars the humpback whale blowholes
Looking down the blowholes of Mars


Pictures of Mars (from her DVD)

mars the humpback whale cba
Mars coming to the boat
mars the humpback whale feeding
Mars feeding on small fish
mars the humpback dorsal
Mars’ dorsal is scarred white


mars the humpback and calf
Mars with calf Mesopotamia
mars the humpback whale
Mars close while calf plays on other side of boat


Note the scars on her dorsal fin.



Adopt Mars today – a clip from the adoption DVD

Adopt Mars today

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If you adopted Mars from any of the Adopt A Whale Programs in the US or UK, you can still meet her!

You will be delighted to spend 20 minutes watching Mars bubble feeding with her calf, Mesopotamia. She then approaches the boat; she is so close you can see right down her blowholes!  Mesopotamia spyhops beside the boat and when they move off, they both raise their tails out of the water

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