Olympia the Humpback Whale

Her Story

olympia the humpback whale fluke
Olympia’s fluke

Olympia was named for five barnacle scars that looked like the rings of the Olympic symbol.  These scars have since faded and are no longer visible.  But her tail pattern is unique and I have seen her many times on Stellwagen Bank.  She is the second most favorite great-grandmother of the seven known in the world.  Salt is the most famous of all.

Olympia is an adoption whale at Ocean Alliance

Olympia’s Background

Olympia‘s History  (Olympia joined the Great Grandmother’s Club in 2005)

Mother:               Unknown First Sighting:   1979
Year Of Birth:   Unknown Last Seen:           1998

Olympia‘s Family Tree


Year of Birth Grandcalves
Anchor 1983 Tribble 1990 (Anchor)
Hummingbird 1985
Cascade 1987 Touchdown 1996 (Cascade)
Elbow 1991 Cajun 1998 (Cascade)
Not Named 1993
Sparta 1996 Touchdown calves 2005 & 2008
Jota 1998 Cajun also has a calf

Pictures of Olympia

olympia the humpback whale head
Olympia watching people
olympia the humpback whale flippering
Olympia flippering
olympia the humpback whale belly pleats
Olympia ventral grooves
olympia the humpback whale lobtailing
Olympia lobtailing

Olympia’s Calves

olympia & elbow humpback whales
Olympia dives with calf Elbow
elbow olympia humpback whales
Elbow on left and Olympia behind

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