Silver the Humpback Whale

Her Story

silver humpback whale fluke
Silver’s fluke
silver & calf coral humpback whales
Silver teaches Coral to flipperslap

There is quite an interesting story about this humpback whale.  In 1979 a new whale appeared on Stellwagen Bank. It was easy to identify because it had just half-a-tail!  It was named Long John Silver for the pirate with a missing leg in Treasure Island.

Imagine everyone’s surprise the following year, when Long John Silver was sighted with a small calf!  Of course, Long John Silver wasn’t a good name for a new mother.

So, Long John was dropped and Silver became the first whale to get a name change!

Enjoy this clip of Silver from Salt & Friends (Coming soon)

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Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names

The story of Silver and her family is three minutes in length.  You will meet Silver, her 1988 calf Coral and her 1990 calf, Chablis.  Fourteen other whale families round out this hour long program.


Silver’s History

Mother:          Unknown First Sighting:   1979
Year Of Birth:  Unknown Last Seen:           1991  [Deceased]

Silver’s Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Beltane 1980 Cat’s Eyes 1985 (Beltane)
Aster 1983
Peninsula 1985
Coral 1988
Chablis 1990

There is a lot of bad news, however about this whale family.  Beltane died in 1987 with many other humpbacks due to natural toxins and Silver was found on a beach on Long Island in 1991.  Net entanglement was believed to cause her death.

This is one of my favorite trips in 1988.  Coral was just a small calf of Silver’s and she was teaching him the fine art of flippering.  Just observe the difference in size.  Silver’s flippers are sixteen feet long!


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