Sparta the Humpback Whale

Her Story

sparta humpback whale fluke
Sparta’s fluke

Sparta was born in 1996 to Olympia, a well-known prolific female.  Sparta was thought to be a male but surprised researchers in 2001 by bringing a calf back to the feeding ground at the ripe old age of 5!

Sparta was named for the javelin-like mark on the left side of her fluke.

Sparta was and still is a favorite of whale watchers due to her deep interest in acrobatic displays and her demonstration of them closer to the boat than most other humpbacks. 

sparta humpback whale lobtailing
Sparta lobtailing

Here she is lobtailing within a few feet of the side of the boat. 

sparta humpback whale eye
Sparta’s eye

You don’t often see a humpback looking at you but you can see Sparta’s eye in the picture on the right.  A humpback eye is just forward of the flipper.

sparta humpback whale breach
Sparta breaching as a calf
sparta humpback whale
Sparta close to boat

Since we have seen Sparta since she was a small calf, it is possible to show the size difference in just a few years.  At left is Sparta in 1996 and near left in 2001 as an adult.  What a change!

Sparta’s History

Mother:               Olympia First Sighting:   1996
Year Of Birth:   1996 Last Seen:           2001

Sparta’s Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Unnamed 2001 None


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