Trident the Humpback Whale

Her Story

Trident was born in 1982 to a whale named Flag.  She was named for a faint mark on her fluke that resembles a three-pointed fish spear carried by Neptune.  It is near the cut in her fluke but cannot usually be seen in pictures.

trident the humpback whale fluke
Trident’s fluke
trident the humpback whale
Trident’s fluke -the cut is on the right side near the top
trident the humpback whale dorsal
Trident’s dorsal fin shape
trident the humpback whale diving
Trident diving



Trident has been entangled in fishing gear on more than one occasion.  The resulting cut on her fluke makes Trident an easy whale to identify on fluking dives.  She was last rescued from an entanglement in 2003.

Trident was also seen with a fishing line on her fluke in 2008.

Trident’s History

Mother:               Flag First Sighting:   1982
Year Of Birth:   1982 Last Seen:           2010

Trident’s Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Musket 1987
Chaos 1990
Unnamed 1992
Virgule 1996
Draco 1998
Lighthouse 2000 Lighthouse deceased 2003
Unnamed 2002
Unnamed 2006
Unnamed 2008
Unnamed 2011

Pictures of Trident

trident humpback whale fishing gear
Trident with lines visible

You can see the fishing gear (2003) on Trident

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