Cetacean Society International has expanded its adoption program to include even more fascinating named humpback whales.

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CSI’s adoption program is unique  because you actually get to meet your adopted whale on a special and unbelievable DVD included with your adoption package.  Each of the eleven distinct DVDs highlight the adoption whale of your choice.  Many include one or more members of its family tree, special or rare behaviors and the sights and sounds of being on the water with the whale you select.  You witness your favorite whale feeding, breaching, flippering and showing an interest in boats, up close and personal.

I AM ONE OF A KIND – Each whale is unique and deserving of special protections

Program Descriptions

Standard Adoption includes:

DVD of Your Adopted Whale

Lifetime Adoption

Adoption Certificate

Online sightings update of 50 named humpback whales

Online bio and family trees of 50 named humpback whales

Price is $40.00 US with free shipping

Supporting Adoption includes:

All of the above

One Year Family Membership in Cetacean Society International

Price is $75.00 US with free shipping



Bandit – He is complicated (Sighted in 2017)

Quantity Needed

Colt – He is so friendly (Sighted in 2017)

Quantity Needed

Coral – He is lucky

Quantity Needed

Mars – She is gnarly

Quantity Needed

Nile – She is motherly (Sighted in 2017)

Quantity Needed

Salt – She is loving (Sighted in 2017)

Quantity Needed

Seal – He is playful (Sighted in 2017)

Quantity Needed

Sirius – He is different

Quantity Needed

Sockeye – He is a survivor (Sighted in 2017)

Quantity Needed

Thorn – He is a magician

Quantity Needed

Thread – He is acrobatic

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A Whale of a Birthday

Use the adoptions as a party favor.  If whales are the theme of your child’s birthday, why not give a truly unique party favor to each child invited? There are eleven different whales so each child can have one unique individual and the DVDs can be shared and traded.  Everyone wins because the funds go into whale conservation efforts at Cetacean Society International.


Your Adopted Whale: Salt  (Last sighting in 2017)SALT FLUKE MARINE SCIENCE 820 kb


Salt is a great-grandmother with 14 calves and 15 grand-calves.  The picture on the left is of the most famous tail in the world and yet she wasn’t named for her tail pattern.  She was named for her white dorsal fin that looks like someone dumped salt on her back.

She was the first whale to be given a name on the East Coast of the United States and has been seen every year since 1975.  She has also been sighted in the Caribbean where she gives birth after a 1500 mile migration.



Your Adopted Whale: Colt (Last sighting in 2017)


Colt the friendliest whale in the world.

Colt the friendliest whale in the world.

Colt is indeed the “friendliest” whale in the world.  Seen frequently since he was a young calf, approaching boats moving slowly past him, he attained a reputation for getting very close to the boat, blowing on people and splashing them with his flippers.  This appears to be his way of interacting or communicating with people.


Colt's rounded dorsal fin

  Colt has a very round dorsal fin which is large and sways back and forth with the waves.