Fan the Humpback Whale

Her Story

Fan has a beautiful almost all-white tail.  The fan-like mark on the top of the left fluke is the reason for her name.  These scars were caused by killer whales grabbing at Fan’s tail sometime during her first year as a calf.  Fan was first seen in 1988 and last sighted during 2017 and she had a small calf with her.

fan the humpback whale fluke
Fan’s all-white fluke

Fan is easy to see coming up when near a boat, especially when upside down.  Humpback whales have different amounts of white on their bellies and as you can see, Fan is mostly white underneath.  Imagine these whale watchers and their experience with Fan!  Fan just came close to the boat and turned belly up.

fan the humpback whale belly
Fan has a mostly white belly


Fan’s Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Slant 1993
U-turn 1995
Terrapin 1998
Kappa 2000
Unnamed 2007 Calf in 2016 too


Pictures of Fan (from her DVD)

fan the humpback whale belly
Fan coming to the surface
fan the humpback whale spyhopping
Fan spyhops
fan the humpback whale flippering
Fan flippering close to boat

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