Half Moon the Humpback Whale

His Story

halfmoon humpback whale fluke
Halfmoon’s fluke
halfmoon humpback whale breaching
Halfmoon breaching

Half Moon is very active in several ways.  He has been seen breaching 30 to 40 times with other whales.  He has also been seen in the Dominican Republic on Silver Bank, a breeding area nearly 1500 miles away.

halfmoon humpback whale flippers
Halfmoon flippering

Half Moon has very distinctive flipper markings and this helps identify Half Moon when he is with other humpbacks.

halfmoon humpback whale fluke
The tear in Halfmoon’s fluke

Half Moon was named for a nick in his fluke which resembles a half moon.





Half Moon’s History

Mother:               Unknown First Sighting:   1978
Year Of Birth:   Unknown Last Seen:           2017

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