Zeppelin the Humpback Whale

Her Story

zeppelin humpback whale fluke
Zeppelin fluke
zeppelin humpback whale lobtailing
Zeppelin lobtailing

Zeppelin was born in 1989 to Milkyway, a well-known prolific female.  She has been sighted almost every year since she was a small calf.  Like many other whales, Zeppelin has been entangled in fishing gear (1995).

Zeppelin’s dorsal fin was damaged during the entanglement and this helps ID her when near other whales.

Zeppelin has five calves and seven brothers and sisters.

Zeppelin‘s History

Mother:               Milkyway First Sighting:   1989
Year Of Birth:   1989 Last Seen:           2010

Zeppelin‘s Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Milkweed 2000
Pagoda 2002
Unnamed 2005
Unnamed 2007
Unnamed 2009

Pictures of Zeppelin (from her DVD)

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If you adopted Zeppelin from any of the Adopt A Whale Programs in the US or UK, you can meet her!

We selected the very best clips of Zeppelin from 17,096 trips to the feeding grounds where this whale can be sighted from April thru October.

You will be delighted to spend 20 minutes watching as Zeppelin spyhops under people at side of boat, swims under the boat and blows loudly on the other side.  She completes a full screen fluking dive.  Zeppelin is also close to the boat and you see her eye. She blows and creates a rainbow, spyhops under people and slashes her tail.

  Zeppelin is also seen feeding with a wide open mouth.

A sample clip from the Zeppelin DVD


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