Equus the Humpback Whale

Her Story

equus the humpback whale
Equus diving

Equus is a mysterious whale first seen in 1977.  Equus was several years old at the time so her mother is unknown.  Equus in Latin means “horse” and she has a horse-like shaped mark on her left fluke.  She has only been recorded a handful of times in the more than 17,000 whale watching trips in our video archives, the last sighting in 1990!

She is however, the mother of one of the most sociable, friendliest and entertaining whales on Stellwagen Bank: Colt.


colt the humpback whale close
Colt so close his tail is under the boat

Colt is an adoption whale with Cetacean Society International.  He can be watched on two DVDs.  Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names and a special 27 minute DVD that shares many of his most exciting boat visits over the last several decades, he was even recorded singing on one trip while very close to the side of the boat!  You can order a copy of this DVD on the Colt page.









Equus’ Family Tree

Calves Year of Birth Grandcalves
Tusk 1979
Colt 1981
Merlin 1984
Channel 1986
Stump 1988
RK 1990

Equus on DVD (Just $18.99) COMING SOON

Your Favorite Whale: Equus

8 minutes of footage of Equus with her 1988 calf: Stump.  Also includes six minutes of her 1981 calf: Colt.  You’ll see Colt lobtailing, spyhoping and his eye, flipper and head.