Thorn humpback whale adoption
Thorn’s fluke pattern

Thorn the Humpback Whale


Thorn can be adopted and you will meet him on the included DVD

Thorn can be adopted through Cetacean Society International’s Humpback Whale Adoption Program. CSI is the nation’s second oldest whale conservation group and is staffed by an all-volunteer group of people dedicated to saving whales around the world.

He was named based on the thin line seen clearly on the left side of his fluke pattern.  Whale researchers thought this resembled a thorn on a plant or bush.

Thorn was born in 1983 to Ebony.  Ebony is one of the known Great-Grandmothers in the Stellwagen Bank part of the Gulf of Maine.

Thorn has a very rare talent for blowing perfect bubble rings near whale watching boats.

Thorn's magical bubble ring
Thorn’s magical bubble ring










This youtube video shows a bubble ring rising


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